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A meal consisting of several dishes from which guests serve themselves. Pick from one of our street food menus below or a more traditional style, if desired.  


Som tum - Green papaya and mango salad

Yum tang gwa – Cucumber salad

Chicken shichimi katsu curry


Hobak bokkeum – stir fried courgette


Pork char siu men – five-spice roasted pork with pak choi


Lamb kare lomen – marinated lamb with soba noodles and teriyaki dipping sauce


Yasai dotenabe – stir fried vegetables and tofu with ginger, sesame oil and miso


Fried shredded beef empanadas


Mango with cilantro, coconut and chilli salad


Mexican ricotta croquette with smoky chipotle – honey salsa


Chilli and lime glazed salmon, avocado sweet potato salsa


Slow-cooked pork with Boston BBQ beans


Southern fried chicken Maryland style


Carolina andouille sausage and prawn gumbo


North Indian chicken makhani


Massaman duck curry


Goan salmon and prawn curry


Keema lamb curry


Crunchy palak paneer and coconut vegetables


Red onion, orange and pomegranate salad


Naan bread and Keralan parathas


Lemon rice with cashews and peanuts


Tomato bulgar wheat (bulgar pilari)


Safavid style beef pastries


Ras el hanout spiced chicken with preserved lemon, walnut and pomegranate


Slow-cooked lamb, butternut squash, date and tamarind tangine with herbed giant couscous


Baked eggs with feta, harissa tomato sauce and coriander


Fattoush chickpea and flat salad


Spiced roasted cauliflower and aubergine salad with a garlic tahini yoghurt dressing


Borride fish stew with aioli – Creamy saffron fish stew of salmon, cod, prawn and mussels served with baguette croutes and garlic mayonnaise


Daube of beef – slow-cooked beef cheek with button onions, mushroom and pancetta bacon served with whipped cream potatoes


Chicken chasseur


Duck cassoulet – slow-cooked shredded duck with merguez sausage spiced bean and brioche crumb glaze


Flamiche leek and camembert tart with green leaf salad


Griddled provencale vegetables


Pomme anna

Can't find what you're looking for? Please feel free to ask us as we offer a bespoke service to suit all tastes and budgets.