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General Questions


I'm concerned about budgets, will this be very expensive?

We understand that in the current climate, money may be tight which is why we work with you to design a menu that suits both your tastes and budget. If you have any questions on the lead up to your event please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

We usually have a "Mum's Night Out" dinner every month but have found this difficult in the current climate, could we have a dinner party instead with everyone paying their own way as they would at a restaurant?

Absolutely, we have no problem with this at all and seem to be catering for these sorts of meals quite often at the moment. As all quotes are final you won't have to pay any service charges added at the end for larger groups.


Are you flexible with requests?

We want to make this a special event for both you and your guests so we always endeavour to accommodate requests as long as we are given enough notice.

What if guests have specific requirements or allergies?

This will not be a problem as we can accommodate all dietary requirements and allergens. However, please note that we do not operate from a nut free kitchen.

Are there any hidden costs?

Our aim is to always be transparent so all costs will be discussed and agreed by you up front.  There will be no additional or unexpected costs on the day.


Do I need to pay a deposit?

Once you have agreed the menu for your event and confirmed the date, we will then require you to pay a 50% deposit.  The remaining  balance can be paid on the day.  For any of our picnic boxes or afternoon tea boxes we will require these to be paid for in full, in advance.

Covid 19 Queries
What happens if I need to cancel due to Corona Virus Restrictions?

In the event that you need to cancel we will either allow you to move the date free of charge or will return your deposit in full as long as we receive a minimum of 48 hours notice. If the event is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice then a small charge for any foods purchased that cannot be used for other functions will be deducted from the deposit amounts.


Do we have to take into account your staff when working to the restriction rules?

The rule of 6 for dinner parties and 15 for weddings or funerals does not apply to our staff.  We do not have to be counted within the numbers as we are working and providing a service.

Boxed Meals
I don't want a chef in my home, which meals can I have boxed and delivered?

Any of our dining menu can be delivered for you to finish yourself, at home.


Is there a delivery charge?

There is no delivery charge for postcodes within an 8 mile radius of CR2.  For other areas it depends on the order but will be agreed upon, from the outset.


How much cooking is involved with a boxed meal?

We will do as much as possible for you but there will always be a small amount of cooking that will need to be done yourself following our video or printed instructions.  With regards to the picnic and afternoon tea boxes, these are delivered ready to go (except for brewing your own tea).


What is the maximum/minimum number of boxed meals we can order?

There is no minimum number. However, we would suggest that your party is no bigger than 6 people as otherwise this may spoil your own enjoyment of the event.


Dinner Parties


My kitchen is small, will this be a problem?


Most of the preparation will be done in our own kitchen so this will not be a problem.


How long before the event do you need access?

We want to be as unobtrusive as possible so most of the preparation will be done in our own kitchen before the event.  We aim to be with you no earlier than 90 minutes before your guests arrive.  If we require more time at your venue we will let you know well in advance.


What is the maximum number we can have at our dinner party?

There is no maximum number of guests if you are using our chef to prepare and serve the food for you at your venue or home.  However, if you are using our boxed meals that require finishing off by you we would suggest that your party is no bigger than 6 people as otherwise this may spoil your own enjoyment of the event.


Do you provide crockery and cutlery?

Yes, we can certainly provide this if required.  We can even offer the facility of decorating your venue or dining table if this is something you require.


Is there a complete vegetarian menu?

We offer a bespoke service so we can tailor make a menu to your requirements.


Who clears up afterwards?

Where one of our chef's is on the premises during the meal, we will ensure that your kitchen is left clean and tidy. 


Can you provide wine to accompany my meal?

At present we are an unlicensed business so we cannot provide alcoholic beverages.  We can however make suggestions of wines you can pair with your menu. 

We are having a themed party, can the food be tailored to fit in with this?

We love a challenge and relish the opportunity to  work with our clients to provide exciting dishes with a twist to fit in with your event.  We are also able to offer a party planning service if required.  Please ask us about this if this is of interest.


Can you provide the refreshments for our event?

For larger events such as weddings we may be able to obtain a temporary events licence if necessary and provide refreshments if your venue does not hold a licence.

Picnic Boxes
I don't want any fish or prawns in my picnic boxes, can you accommodate this?

Absolutely. We can send you a new suggested menu with alternatives to the fish dishes for you to agree.



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